Anna-Marie With Her Shotgun -- Part One -- Anna-Marie -- Sky Under The Paris Commune

The sky under the Paris commune was surprisingly sunny, considering that it had rained for weeks. I was used to the smell of hot tears, when I had cooked for my family, but not cooked my family, before I murdered them in what felt like one large rush.

In the streets, there were feminists who were tap dancing, although I wasn't one for the dance. And with the wooden shoes I wore, this would not have been possible without hurting considerably. It had been many years since I met Ursula, as we had no spoken much since I poisoned most of the rest of my family that was still living, with my mom six feet under after a bout of consumption. The assumption, though not one I made, as I was much to young, was that it was something that she contracted when she was my current age. I am currently ten times four years plus nine more, having spent time working as a hooker for vile men. But even this was better than the flavor of baguettes, for what seemed to have been mixed with vile paper pulp, just to feed myself during the coming Winter Months.

The battle was bloody, as much as I hesitate to use the British term. But by this point, I have no loyalty toward anyone, as most people would simply reject me if they knew my real life story. And even now I hesitate to defend myself from all the assault from large penises the bourgeoisie thrust into me, as I know what would happen if I tried it again. I had already seen some of my feminist friends, publicly beheaded by "The Widow", although we have won the battle, there was a considerable price payed for allowing women to have abortions, but now the wins we gained seemed all for naught by this point. Even with the finest code breakers, the spies of Napoleon the third were always a step ahead, and rendered many of us rolling heads in the street, with the soles of our Sabots pointing toward the sky. Above the rows of Catholic architecture, I wanted to go back home. But I wasn't sure if my sister wanted to see me.

And yet I miss her so much.

posted by JustSarah @ 22nd Sep 2018, 6:03 PM